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Market analysis

At Green Energy Markets we don’t just collect data, we interpret and analyse what the information means for your organisation.

What are the current market trends? What will the future market look like?  Who are the dominant players and how do you compare against your competitors?

Our regular publications focus on answering these questions and more.  Select a report specific to your interest - Solar (STC), Renewables (LGC) or Energy Efficiency (VEEC or ESC). 

Subscribe to just one or contact us to put together a package for you.

Market prices (spot*)

STCs $39.95
LGCs $50.60
VEECs $74.00
ESCs $33.05

*The spot price is for a minimum parcel size of 5000 created certificates.
Prices are compiled using the latest reported market data.

Market price history
Closing prices as at: 11 Jul 2022