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  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q1 2016 29 Apr 2016

    In the prior December report we estimated that 4400MW of new project commitments were required in 2016 to avoid a shortfall from the target. With one quarter down only 226MW have been committed, reinforcing our prior conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that the market will avoid a shortfall in 2018 and consequent penalties.

  • Report: Quarterly Solar Report Q1 2016 21 Apr 2016

    STC creation in the March Quarter was the lowest level since the SRES commenced in 2011. It was 10.8 per cent lower than the average of the previous 4 quarters.

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (March 2016) 15 Apr 2016

    STCs representing 59.1MW of solar PV capacity were created in March, up 6 per cent on last month’s report figures in spite of Easter break, however they are down 11.7 per cent on March last year.

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (March 2016) 15 Apr 2016

    506,705 ESC were created in March, which is the highest monthly creation since June 2015 (596k) and the fourth highest since commencement of the scheme.  This was primarily due to certificate creation by Tomago, who created 217k ESCs.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (March 2016) 15 Apr 2016

    VEEC Commercial lighting activity (Schedule 34)  continues to grow rapidly, accounting for 33 per cent of total March certificate creation.  The number of VEECs generated from this activity has more than doubled in the first quarter of 2016 (compared to last quarter of 2015).

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (February 2016) 18 Mar 2016

    Moree Solar Farm has now been accredited alongside 8 other small power stations while Coonoeer Bridge Wind Farm and DeGrussa Solar Farm have accreditation applications pending.

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (January 2016) 23 Feb 2016

    The spot LGC price opened the month at $79.50 and progressively increased to close January at $83.50. The price softened after the end of the month and reached as low as $80.00 before recovering to $81.50 on 19 February 2016.

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (January 2016) 19 Feb 2016

    STC creation had a significant decrease in January to 1.03 million certificates; down 17 per cent on the same month last year.  25 per cent of installed capacity creating certificates during January was for commercial PV systems.

  • Tristan Edis joins Green Energy Markets team 05 Feb 2016

    Green Energy Markets is pleased to announce that Tristan Edis, who many will already know from his prior role as the Editor of Climate Spectator, will be joining the organisation as Director – Analysis and Advisory.

  • Report: Quarterly Solar Report Q4 2015 25 Jan 2016

    Due to lower than expected creation in the last quarter of 2015 we now expect that 732 MW of small-scale PV will be installed in 2015.  We estimate that there will be a deficit of 1.6 million STCs at the end of 2015 and that the Clearing House will remain in deficit until late April/early May 2016

  • Huge penalty charges loom as renewable investment remains at standstill 20 Jan 2016

    Australian consumers face paying nearly $2 billion in so-called “penalty prices” in a few years time if the two-year standstill on renewable energy investments continues much longer, according to a leading industry analyst.

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q4 2015 19 Jan 2016

    The LGC spot price started the quarter at $64.65 and continued to increase through the quarter reaching as high $77.05 before easing back and closing the year $72.80. The price has increased after the end of the year and reached $77.05 on 19 January 2016.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (December 2015) 15 Jan 2016

    574k VEECs were created in December, 14 per cent higher than the 555k in November.  Residential lighting (schedule 21) accounted for 74.8 per cent of the total certificate creation in December compared with 77.4 per cent in November.

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (December 2015) 12 Jan 2016

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (November 2015) 17 Dec 2015


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