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  • GEM Report: LGC Snapshot (July 2017) 25 Aug 2017

    Renewable energy’s share of NEM generation in July was 19.5% inclusive of rooftop solar and 17.6% excluding rooftop solar. This is the fourth highest monthly market share (excl roof solar) achieved since January 2013.  The LGC spot price rose considerably over July, starting the month at $78 and then steadily rising to end the month at $84. The 2019 forward price also rose considerably to the mid $70’s after hitting a low of $52 in May.

  • Why a gas generator, South Australia? There are better options to lower power prices 15 Mar 2017

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (August 2016) 27 Sep 2016

    Renewable energy’s share of NEM generation was 19.0% in August with both hydro and wind output down on last month.  Wind farm output was down on the very high levels of the prior month but still recorded a respectable NEM-wide capacity factor of 36.7% (excluding the partially operational Hornsdale Stage 1 and Ararat).

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q1 2016 29 Apr 2016

    In the prior December report we estimated that 4400MW of new project commitments were required in 2016 to avoid a shortfall from the target. With one quarter down only 226MW have been committed, reinforcing our prior conclusion that it is extremely unlikely that the market will avoid a shortfall in 2018 and consequent penalties.

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (January 2016) 23 Feb 2016

    The spot LGC price opened the month at $79.50 and progressively increased to close January at $83.50. The price softened after the end of the month and reached as low as $80.00 before recovering to $81.50 on 19 February 2016.

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q4 2015 19 Jan 2016

    The LGC spot price started the quarter at $64.65 and continued to increase through the quarter reaching as high $77.05 before easing back and closing the year $72.80. The price has increased after the end of the year and reached $77.05 on 19 January 2016.

  • Renewables target needs 3,800MW of large scale renewables within 12 months 16 Oct 2015

    Australian electricity retailers continue to sit on their hands, refusing to sign power purchase agreements for new large scale renewable energy projects, but some 3,800MW of capacity will need to be committed within the next 12 months if a shortfall in the renewable energy target is to be avoided.

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q3 2015 16 Oct 2015

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (July 2015) 11 Aug 2015

    Wind generation in the NEM achieved a new monthly generation record with 1,067 GWh generated in July, with the average wind capacity increasing to 38.7 per cent (for pre 2013 plants) and 39.9 per cent including all wind farms

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q2 2015 23 Jul 2015

    A total of 16.6 million LGCs are expected to be created for 2015 generation which is 428,000 less than our previous estimatation. We have again downgraded estimates for hydro LGC creation for 2015 (400,000 reduction) due to lower generation levels and expected lower rainfall for coming months.

  • Report: Quarterly Solar Report Q2 2015 21 Jul 2015

    STC creation decreased 4 per cent in the June quarter, despite a significant increase in SWH creation.  The past two quarters have had the lowest number of PV systems creating certificates since the start of the SRES. STCs submitted for creation so far in 2015 averaged 311,000 per week which is 7.4 per cent lower than the STC target and nearly 10 per cent lower than the same time last year.

  • LGC Snapshot (May 2015) 11 Jun 2015

    May has seen the highest wind electricity generation on record (in the NEM), with the average wind capacity factor increasing significantly to reach 39 per cent.

  • Quarterly Renewables Report - Q1 2015 17 Apr 2015

    The latest analysis on the renewables market

  • Renewables market share lower than 2013 11 Mar 2015

    Renewable energy (excluding rooftop solar) made up 11% of generation in the National Electricity Market (NEM) for February, following the typical seasonal pattern of a low in renewable generation over summer.

  • Wind energy overtakes hydro for first time in Australia 12 Feb 2015

    The Australian wind energy industry achieved a milestone in January, with wind generation exceeding hydro generation for the first time.


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