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  • Report: LGC Snapshot (October 2015) 10 Nov 2015

    The spot LGC price opened the month at $64.65 and progressively increased to close the month of October at $69.25. The price continued to rise into November and reached $72.40 on 6 November.

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (October) 10 Nov 2015

    220,031 ESCs were created in October, which is 45 per cent higher than the 151,815 certificates created in September and the highest creation month this financial year.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (October 2015) 06 Nov 2015

    The spot price opened October at $35.50 and increased rapidly to reach a high of $39.20 before dropping sharply to a low of $22.00 on 22 October. The price recovered to close the month at $26.00. This price volatility is very unusual and never before seen in the history of this scheme.

  • VEEC price volatility 23 Oct 2015

    On 22 October, the VEEC market demonstrated how volatile it can be.  From seemingly nowhere, the price crashed by over $13 from the day’s opening price before recovering to $29.00, $6.40 below the day’s opening price of $35.40.

  • Report: Quarterly Solar Report Q3 2015 20 Oct 2015

    STCs submitted for creation so far in 2015 averaged 313,000 per week which is 7 per cent lower than the STC target and 10 per cent lower than the same time last year. STC spot prices were very stable during the quarter opening at $39.85 and closing the quarter at $39.95

  • Renewables target needs 3,800MW of large scale renewables within 12 months 16 Oct 2015

    Australian electricity retailers continue to sit on their hands, refusing to sign power purchase agreements for new large scale renewable energy projects, but some 3,800MW of capacity will need to be committed within the next 12 months if a shortfall in the renewable energy target is to be avoided.

  • Report: Quarterly Renewables Report Q3 2015 16 Oct 2015

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (September 2015) 13 Oct 2015

    At end September, STC creation was tracking 10 per cent behind the same time last year and 7 per cent behind target.  The price continues to remain stable, opening the month at $39.85 and closing out the month at $39.95.

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (September 2015) 13 Oct 2015

    The ESC spot price opened September at $22.40. It increased steadily past the nominal penalty price of $26.54 to peak at $28.25 on 23 September. It then dropped back to $27.50 to close the month. The spot price has not been this high since March 2013.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (September 2015) 13 Oct 2015

    The spot price opened September at $31.00 and initially dropped to $29.00 on 2 September. It then increased steadily to reach $33.20 on 21 September where it stayed to close out the month. On 1 October the price jumped up to $35.50 and then increased again on 2 October to $35.60.  On 8th October, after a high volume of trades, the price surged to close at $39.20.

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (August 2015) 11 Sep 2015

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (August 2015) 10 Sep 2015

    STC creation to date continues to track 9.6 per cent behind the same time last year and 6.4 per cent behind target

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (August 2015) 10 Sep 2015

    Almost half of ESC creation in August was the result of commercial lighting upgrades.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (August 2015) 10 Sep 2015

    August 2015: VEEC price is the highest its been since January 2012 following the Victorian Government’s announcement on target for VEET scheme

  • VEEC price increase 04 Sep 2015

    The VEEC price has gone from strength to strength over the past 3 months with a number of supply and demand factors conspiring to drive the price up.


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