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  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (March 2016) 15 Apr 2016

    VEEC Commercial lighting activity (Schedule 34)  continues to grow rapidly, accounting for 33 per cent of total March certificate creation.  The number of VEECs generated from this activity has more than doubled in the first quarter of 2016 (compared to last quarter of 2015).

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (December 2015) 15 Jan 2016

    574k VEECs were created in December, 14 per cent higher than the 555k in November.  Residential lighting (schedule 21) accounted for 74.8 per cent of the total certificate creation in December compared with 77.4 per cent in November.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (November 2015) 15 Dec 2015

    Monthly creation from commercial lighting has increased for the fifth month in a row and accounted for 12 per cent of total November creation. Additionally, so far in December it has accounted for 23 per cent of creation (to 7 December).

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (October 2015) 06 Nov 2015

    The spot price opened October at $35.50 and increased rapidly to reach a high of $39.20 before dropping sharply to a low of $22.00 on 22 October. The price recovered to close the month at $26.00. This price volatility is very unusual and never before seen in the history of this scheme.

  • VEEC price volatility 23 Oct 2015

    On 22 October, the VEEC market demonstrated how volatile it can be.  From seemingly nowhere, the price crashed by over $13 from the day’s opening price before recovering to $29.00, $6.40 below the day’s opening price of $35.40.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (September 2015) 13 Oct 2015

    The spot price opened September at $31.00 and initially dropped to $29.00 on 2 September. It then increased steadily to reach $33.20 on 21 September where it stayed to close out the month. On 1 October the price jumped up to $35.50 and then increased again on 2 October to $35.60.  On 8th October, after a high volume of trades, the price surged to close at $39.20.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (August 2015) 10 Sep 2015

    August 2015: VEEC price is the highest its been since January 2012 following the Victorian Government’s announcement on target for VEET scheme

  • VEEC price increase 04 Sep 2015

    The VEEC price has gone from strength to strength over the past 3 months with a number of supply and demand factors conspiring to drive the price up.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (May 2015) 05 Jun 2015

    VEEC creation in May (583k) reached its highest level in almost 2 years (534,576 in July 2013).  Residential lighting (Schedule 21) made up 86 per cent of total creation.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (April 2015) 07 May 2015

    Highlights from the latest Energy Efficiency Snapshots.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (March 2015) 17 Apr 2015

    VEECs:  383k were created for lighting activity 21C in March compared with 244k in February. This is a 57 per cent increase in creation volume since last month and is the highest level of creation for a single month we have seen in this activity. 
    ESCs: Tomago Aluminium Company was the largest creator of certificates this month, creating 74k ESCs for their smelting electrical energy reduction project under the metered baseline method.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (February 2015) 12 Mar 2015

    For the second month in a row, creation of metered baseline certificates accounted for over 50 per cent of the total monthly ESC creation

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (January 2015) 12 Feb 2015

    ESC creation in January was one of the lowest in 3 years (101,365) and metered baseline certificates accounted for 68 per cent of creation.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (December 2014) 09 Jan 2015

    Creation of both ESCs and VEECs were up in December, with VEECs having the second highest creation month in 2014.  The top certificate creators for the 2014 calendar year were Demand Manger (ESCs) and Easy Being Green (VEECs).

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (November 2014) 09 Dec 2014

    • There are now sufficient registered VEECs available to meet the 2014 target. Assuming the 2015 target will remain at 5.4 million and 400,000 certificates are required for liquidity float, 5.2 million certificates are required to meet the 2015 target. This means an average of 85,759 VEECs need to be created every week to end January 2016.

    • 83,983 certificates were created in November. This is the lowest monthly creation since January 2012.


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