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  • $1 per watt solar is spreading - utilities must become cannibals 20 Nov 2014

    A statement from AGL Energy that it intends to lead the charge of what it predicts will be 2.5 million households moving to a combination of solar plus batteries by 2020, raised a fair few eyebrows among industry participants this week.

  • Australia installs 1GW of rooftop solar since July 2013 27 Oct 2014

    Australian households and businesses have installed more than 1GW of rooftop solar since July, 2013, with the rate of installations growing in the last few months due to uncertainty about the future of the renewable energy target. Data released by Green Energy Markets shows that in the past 14 months, more than 1,020MW of rooftop solar has been installed across the country, with Queensland the biggest market, followed by Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

  • Quarterly Solar Report (Q3 September 2014) 23 Oct 2014

    In the September quarter, STC creation increased 7.5 per cent substantially due with increases in creation from PV of 8 per cent and SWHs of 6 per cent. 
    The spot STC price closed the September quarter at $38.65 in a period of very stable pricing.
    STCs submitted for creation have risen slightly over the last three months and have averaged 340,000 per week (to 3 October 2014). This is 6 per cent higher than the average weekly target level for 2014 of 321,000.

  • STC Snapshot (August 2014) 16 Sep 2014

    STC creation has been relatively stable and is currently tracking at 6% above the effective 2014 target.

  • Could a renewable energy target delay and extend help everyone? 04 Aug 2014

    Renewable energy market analyst Green Energy Markets has released the latest update of its quarterly Renewables Report. This report tracks the need for new large-scale renewable energy projects to meet Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. As part of this, Green Energy Markets has analysed the implications for power project development if the federal government were to reduce the target from its current legislated 41,000 gigawatt-hours down to 25,500 GWh.

  • State of the RET market 24 Jul 2014

    On 24th July 2014, Ric Brazzale presented at Clean Energy Week (ATRAA) in Sydney.  His presentation focused on the state of the solar market, the outlook for STC and LGC prices, and the effect of the RET Review on the solar market.

  • Latest Report: Quarterly Solar Report (Q1 March 2014) 29 Apr 2014

    STC creation for the first quarter tracking to target

  • RAA Report: Solar homes study shows lower income families are building Australia’s solar future 29 Apr 2014

    A detailed analysis of solar installations in Australia has shown lower income families and regional communities are most likely to install solar.

  • Forward estimates to inform the STC target 14 Mar 2014

    In November 2013, the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) engaged Green Energy Markets to provide a forward estimate of the number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) likely to be created during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 calendar years. Our projections informed the setting of the 2014 STC target.

  • Latest Report:  STC Snapshot (Feb 2014) 13 Mar 2014


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