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  • Renewable Energy Index - April 2018 24 May 2018

    The Green Energy Markets’ Renewable Energy Index tracks on a monthly basis the amount of renewable energy Australia relies on, the jobs it’s creating, the power bill savings it is delivering for Australian households, and the environmental benefits of the rising use of clean power.

  • Why a gas generator, South Australia? There are better options to lower power prices 15 Mar 2017

  • Despite Hurdles, Solar Power in Australia Is Too Robust to Kill 12 Jun 2015

    No nation has as high a penetration of residential solar as Australia, with one in five homes now powered by the sun. And while the government has slashed incentives, solar energy continues to grow, thanks to a steep drop in the cost of PV panels and the country’s abundant sunshine.

  • Deemed Report (December 2014) 09 Jan 2015

    NSW’s STC creation from PV has increased significantly in the past quarter, having created 25% of the total PV certificates over the same time period, compared to 22% over 2014.  Queensland PV certificate creation continues to fall with 28% of total PV creation during the past quarter as opposed to 32% over 2014.

  • Review of VEET Studies 14 Jul 2014

    A new report commissioned by the Energy Efficiency Council, A new report commissioned by the Energy Efficiency Council, Brotherhood of St Laurence and Energy Efficiency Certificate CreatorGovernment modelling on the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET).


  • Environmental market insight

    Green Energy Markets seminar delivers high quality content with comprehensive insights into renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. Featuring industry experts and addressing market issues, this seminar aims to equip decision makers with the information they need to make enlightened business decisions.