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  • Report: Energy Efficiency Snapshots (July 2015) 06 Aug 2015

    The VEEC price opened July at $19.25 and increased steadily through the month to close at $22.00; the highest the price since mid March 2014.
    Out Performers continue to dominate the ESC market with almost 20% market share YTD.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (June 2015) 10 Jul 2015

    ESC creation hit 596,092 certificates in June. This is the second highest month of creation we have seen in the history of the scheme and second only to September 2014.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (May 2015) 05 Jun 2015

    VEEC creation in May (583k) reached its highest level in almost 2 years (534,576 in July 2013).  Residential lighting (Schedule 21) made up 86 per cent of total creation.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (April 2015) 07 May 2015

    Highlights from the latest Energy Efficiency Snapshots.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (February 2015) 12 Mar 2015

    For the second month in a row, creation of metered baseline certificates accounted for over 50 per cent of the total monthly ESC creation

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (January 2015) 12 Feb 2015

    ESC creation in January was one of the lowest in 3 years (101,365) and metered baseline certificates accounted for 68 per cent of creation.

  • Energy Efficiency Snapshots (December 2014) 09 Jan 2015

    Creation of both ESCs and VEECs were up in December, with VEECs having the second highest creation month in 2014.  The top certificate creators for the 2014 calendar year were Demand Manger (ESCs) and Easy Being Green (VEECs).


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