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  • GEM Report: LGC Snapshot (July 2017) 25 Aug 2017

    Renewable energy’s share of NEM generation in July was 19.5% inclusive of rooftop solar and 17.6% excluding rooftop solar. This is the fourth highest monthly market share (excl roof solar) achieved since January 2013.  The LGC spot price rose considerably over July, starting the month at $78 and then steadily rising to end the month at $84. The 2019 forward price also rose considerably to the mid $70’s after hitting a low of $52 in May.

  • GEM Report: Solar Snapshot (July 2017) 25 Aug 2017

    STCs representing 14,466 solar PV systems and 93 MW of capacity were created in July. At end of July creation was running 58% greater than required to achieve the target and at current average creation levels the market remains on track for an end of year surplus of STCs of about 7.4 million.


  • Environmental market insight

    Green Energy Markets seminar delivers high quality content with comprehensive insights into renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. Featuring industry experts and addressing market issues, this seminar aims to equip decision makers with the information they need to make enlightened business decisions.