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News // Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

  • LGC Snapshot (November 2014) 11 Dec 2014

    November 2014 -  The level of generation from baseline hydro continues to fall however still tracking to create more than 2 million LGCs for 2014. Wind generation stable for the month achieving capacity factor of 31 per cent, similar to October

  • Quarterly Renewables Report - Q3 2014 28 Oct 2014

    In the latest quarterly report, Green Energy Markets have analysed several of the RET Target scenarios.  Under the real 20 per cent case the level of new project commitments required to 2020 is 3,100 MW compared to 7,900 MW under the existing target.

  • Australia installs 1GW of rooftop solar since July 2013 27 Oct 2014

    Australian households and businesses have installed more than 1GW of rooftop solar since July, 2013, with the rate of installations growing in the last few months due to uncertainty about the future of the renewable energy target. Data released by Green Energy Markets shows that in the past 14 months, more than 1,020MW of rooftop solar has been installed across the country, with Queensland the biggest market, followed by Victoria, NSW and South Australia.

  • Could a renewable energy target delay and extend help everyone? 04 Aug 2014

    Renewable energy market analyst Green Energy Markets has released the latest update of its quarterly Renewables Report. This report tracks the need for new large-scale renewable energy projects to meet Australia’s Renewable Energy Target. As part of this, Green Energy Markets has analysed the implications for power project development if the federal government were to reduce the target from its current legislated 41,000 gigawatt-hours down to 25,500 GWh.

  • Renewables Report Q2 2014 01 Aug 2014

    Includes analysis of RET Review Panels scenarios. Under the real 20 per cent case the level of new project commitments required to 2010 is 4,050 MW compared to 9,100 MW under the existing target. New project commitments increase to 7,700 MW by 2020 under the 30 per cent by 2030 scenario.

  • State of the RET market 24 Jul 2014

    On 24th July 2014, Ric Brazzale presented at Clean Energy Week (ATRAA) in Sydney.  His presentation focused on the state of the solar market, the outlook for STC and LGC prices, and the effect of the RET Review on the solar market.

  • Forward estimates to inform the STC target 14 Mar 2014

    In November 2013, the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) engaged Green Energy Markets to provide a forward estimate of the number of small-scale technology certificates (STCs) likely to be created during the 2014, 2015 and 2016 calendar years. Our projections informed the setting of the 2014 STC target.

  • Latest Report: LGC Snapshot (Feb 2014) 13 Mar 2014

  • Report on impact of the Renewable Energy Target on power prices 19 Feb 2014

    This report is an important and early contribution to the Review of the Renewable Energy Target, and goes to the heart of the issue of the cost of the Renewable Energy Target.

  • A new 20% would halve renewables build 19 Feb 2014

    In announcing the appointment of its panel to review the functioning of the Renewable Energy Target the government was at pains to emphasise that it had no predetermined agenda or outcome in mind and would be open to ideas.


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