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  • Turnbull just needs to look back into his own past to address high power prices 23 Jun 2017

    A new coal power station is useless for solving current problems. Instead we should focus on cutting out energy waste.

  • Rooftop solar enjoys second boom as fossil fuel scare campaign backfires 07 Apr 2017

  • GEM Report: Solar Snapshot (March 2017) 07 Apr 2017

    STC creation in March has managed to exceed the surge of last December and was the highest seen since February 2013 in spite of a step down in deeming from 15 to 14 years.  At current average creation levels we estimate that by the end of year the surplus of STCs would be around 6 million.

  • Why a gas generator, South Australia? There are better options to lower power prices 15 Mar 2017

  • Major retailer ERM chooses penalty price over contracting new wind and solar 24 Jan 2017

    In a worrying sign, a major electricity retailer, ERM Power, representing 10% of the market, has opted to pay $123 million in penalties rather than choose to build or contract new wind and solar and surrender 1.9 million large scale certificates to comply with the Renewable Energy Target.

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (December 2016) 17 Jan 2017

    STC creation leapt spectacularly in December, averaging 464,000 per week over the month (excluding public holidays). This is 53% above the weekly average for the preceding January to November. The weekly average across the year now stands at 315,000 STCs, which is just 3.8% short of the Regulator’s target (327,300 per week).  Indicative of this large surge, in the week preceding Christmas STC creation peaked at 654,000, a level not seen since December 2012 when the solar STC multiplier (2x) was still in place .

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (October 2016) 22 Nov 2016

    Renewable energy’s share of NEM generation was 25.1% in October - the highest ever achieved over the history of the NEM.
    Hydro’s generation in October was slightly above 1900GWh, which is the second highest monthly generation since the beginning of the NEM.

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (October 2016) 17 Nov 2016

    691k VEECs were created in October, which is slightly higher than last months’ (671k) but 11% down on the 6 month average.  The VEEC market continues to be dominated by Activity 34 (Commercial Lighting), which created 490k certificates (71% of total certificates)

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (August 2016) 27 Sep 2016

    816k VEECs were created in August, up 13% on July creation (723k).  This is the second highest month of creation since 2012 (June 2016 being the highest, 949k). Commercial lighting created a record 554k certificates in August, representing 68% of total creation (up 10% from last month).

  • Report: ESC Snapshot (August 2016) 27 Sep 2016

    177k ESCs were created in August 2016, following a month of exceptionally low creation in July (86k). This is well below on the 12 month average of 276k, reflecting the fact that several of the large creators are still in audit, but above the creation volume of August last year (137k).

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (August 2016) 27 Sep 2016

    Renewable energy’s share of NEM generation was 19.0% in August with both hydro and wind output down on last month.  Wind farm output was down on the very high levels of the prior month but still recorded a respectable NEM-wide capacity factor of 36.7% (excluding the partially operational Hornsdale Stage 1 and Ararat).

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (August 2016) 27 Sep 2016

    STC creation in August averaged 310,000 per week, and the year to date weekly average now stands at 295,000 STCs, 9.9% short of the Regulator’s target (327,300 per week).

  • Report: VEEC Snapshot (May 2016) 16 Jun 2016

    811k VEECs were created in May, which was again higher than the previous month (April, 733k) and the largest monthly creation since October 2012.
    The high levels of creation were primarily the result of increased activity under Commercial Lighting (Schedule 34), which overtook Activity 21 (Incandescent Lighting) for the first time with 392k and 368k certificates respectively.

  • Report: LGC Snapshot (May 2016) 14 Jun 2016

    Wind power output reached an all time record, with an average NEM-wide capacity factor of 49.5 per cent for the month of May.  • Tasmanian hydro storages have continued to recover and have now reached 26 per cent, however output from Gordon and Poatina was dramatically curtailed as expected, and they are no longer above their pro-rata baselines.

  • Report: Solar Snapshot (May 2016) 09 Jun 2016

    STC creation picked up in May, exceeding the required target for 2 weeks. However the year to date average creation continues to remain noticeably below the rate required for the 2016 target, running at an average of 285,000 STCs .


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