Energy Efficiency Snapshots (February 2015)

12 Mar 2015

Highlights from this month's reports:


  • For the second month in a row, creation of metered baseline certificates accounted for over 50 per cent of the total monthly ESC creation
  • Orica Australia was the largest creator of certificates this month, creating 25k ESCs for their Botany chlorine plant upgrade under the metered baseline method.
  • The ESC price opened February at $14.70. It increased rapidly through the month to close at $17.90, but has since dropped back to $16.10.


  • The 6 week creation average increased in February to 89,971 compared with 67,242 in the previous month.  If VEEC creation continues to average 89,971 certificate per week, then a 2015 target of 5.4 million registered certificates will just be met.
  • 244k VEECs were created for lighting activity 21C.  This is the highest level of creation for a single month we have seen in this activity and equates to 71 per cent of all certificates created for February
  • The price opened February at $18.40.  The price remained reasonably stable until 19 February when it spiked up to $18.95.  Subsequently, it dropped back down to close the month at $18.00.


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