Renewable Energy Index - August 2017

21 Sep 2017

To assist the Australian community in understanding the role and contribution of renewable energy to meeting our energy needs while also providing an important source of employment and reducing pollution, Green Energy Markets produces the monthly Renewable Energy Index.

The index tracks the contribution of the renewable energy sector broken down by fuel type and state on a series of metrics that are intended to translate abstract concepts such as megawatts and tonnes of CO2 into concepts the community can understand and appreciate such as number of households powered, and number of cars’ pollution avoided.

August 2017 Report

Meeting our power needs while reducing pollution
● Over August Australia produced an amount of renewable energy equal to the power consumption of 8.2 million homes, or three quarters of all households in the country;
● Renewables made up 19.5% of the electricity generated in August across the east and west coast main electricity grids. The amount of renewable energy used in August avoided an amount of carbon pollution equal to removing 9 million cars from the road - equal to two-thirds of all the cars in Australia.

Construction activity and job creation
56 large-scale renewable energy projects were under construction at the end of August 2017. 6 projects were committed to construction in August including Australia’s biggest ever wind farm - the 453MW Cooper’s Gap wind farm in QLD. Another 3 projects shifted from the construction to production phase, resulting in a net increase of 3 projects under construction compared to July;
● These 56 projects are estimated to create enough jobs to employ 11,941 people full-time for a year (“job-years” of employment), up by 2,044 on last month;
Queensland has overtaken NSW for the first time with 20 large-scale renewable projects creating enough jobs to employ 5,203 people full time for a year, compared to 3,426 in NSW.

Rooftop solar installation jobs and power production:
15,225 small-scale rooftop solar systems were installed in August 2017;
● These systems will generate power equal to the needs of 25,559 homes ;
The systems installed in August will deliver around $180 million in power bill savings over the next 10 years for the households and businesses that installed them, up $9 million on last month;
● Installing these solar systems supported 4,893 full-time jobs (across installation, design and sales).

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