Renewable Energy Index - August 2018

18 Oct 2018

To assist the Australian community in understanding the role and contribution of renewable energy to meeting our energy needs while also providing an important source of employment and reducing pollution, Green Energy Markets produces the monthly Renewable Energy Index.

The index tracks the contribution of the renewable energy sector broken down by fuel type and state on a series of metrics that are intended to translate abstract concepts such as megawatts and tonnes of CO2 into concepts the community can understand and appreciate such as number of households powered, and number of cars’ pollution avoided.

August 2018

Victoria now leads in large-scale renewable energy construction jobs, and may also lead in rooftop solar installation jobs as a result of the new Victorian Government rebate.

  • Victoria has overtaken Queensland in construction employment in large-scale renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms. It is narrowly ahead of Queensland with its projects under construction providing 5,169 jobs years of employment compared to 5,156 in Queensland.
  • Taking into account the construction jobs expected from the projects awarded contracts under the Victorian Government renewable energy auction, moves the state further ahead to 6,072 job-years.
  • In rooftop solar, 6,667 full time jobs were created installing solar systems over August, which is a new monthly record. The average monthly jobs created installing solar across
  • 2018 to date stand at 5,815 with NSW & ACT leading with 1,654, followed by Queensland with 1,444.
  • However Victoria could surge to the lead as a result of the Victorian Government’s announced solar rebate, which is likely to substantially increase residential system
  • installations in the state. If the rebate program achieves its target of 65,000 residential systems per year it could be expected to lift Victorian solar installation jobs to a monthly
  • average of 1,719 (up from the 2018 average of 1,096).

Renewable energy hit a new record - delivering a quarter of electricity supply in Australia’s main grids over August

  • Thanks to a combination of record high wind farm output, strong hydro generation and a growing contribution from solar farms renewable energy managed to exceed 25% of power supply for the first time across Australia’s main grids of the National Electricity Market and the South-West Interconnected System.
  • Wind output this August was 33% higher than same month last year, and 38% above the last 12 month average.
  • While solar farms remain a small proportion of supply, the large amount under construction are now coming online in earnest. Solar farm power output this August was two and half times higher than the same month last year.

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