Report: ESC Snapshot (August 2016)

27 Sep 2016

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  • 177k ESCs were created in August, following a month of exceptionally low creation in July (86k).
  • August creation was well below on the 12 month average of 276k, reflecting the fact that several of the large creators are still in audit, but was above the creation volume of August 2015 (137k).
  • Commercial Lighting methodology created 120k certificates in August, which was 68% of total creation (down from 82% in July). The second highest creating activity was the Sale of New Appliances - Commercial, with all creation undertaken by Energy Makeovers.
  • The ESC price remained fairly stable during the month of August, opening and closing at the same price, $25.00.  There were small fluctuations during the month; it dropped to $24.75 in the first week before increasing to reach the high point of $25.50 on 12th August.  The price remained at this level until 24 August when it fell to $25.10, where it stayed until the last day of the month, when it fell slightly to close at $25. 


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