Report: LGC Snapshot (October 2016)

22 Nov 2016

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  • Renewable energy's share of NEM generation was 25.1% in October - the highest ever achieved over the history of the NEM.
  • Hydro's generation in October was slightly above 1900GWh, which is the second highest monthly generation since the beginning of the NEM.
  • The ongoing high levels of generation from both Snowy Hydro and Hydro Tasmania's smaller storages, as well as good water inflows, have led us to upgrade their expected LGCs for 2016 by over 800,000
  • Wind farms experienced another strong month, recording a NEM-wide capacity factor of 43.4% (excluding the partially operational Hornsdale Stage 1 and Ararat). The year to date capacity factor is now 35.4% which is above what has been historically achieved.


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