Report: VEEC Snapshot (August 2015)

10 Sep 2015

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  • On 26 August, the Minister for Energy, Lily D'Ambrosio announced the targets for the VEET scheme for the next five years (2016 to 2020). The scheme will deliver 30.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions savings under the new targets, with a target of 5.4 million tonnes for 2016 increasing to 6.5 million tonnes in 2020.
  • The price opened August at $22.00 and it increased steadily through to $24.50 by 19 August. On 24 August the price jumped up to $27.20 and then continued to rise further to close the month at $31.10 after the government's announcement on the VEET target. This is the highest the price has been since mid January 2012. The price dropped back to $29.00 on 2 September, but has since rallied again to $30.20 on 4 September.
  • Accredited Power Savers Co was the largest creator of certificates this month, creating more than 40k VEECs (8.3 per cent), with the majority created for 21C activities. They have been the top creator for two of the last three months.


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