Energy efficiency

Which companies are creating the most energy efficiency certificates? How many certificates were created last month? Which activities are creating the most certificates?

Our Energy Efficiency Snapshots provide monthly market insights in relation to participation in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target and the New South Wales Energy Saving Scheme. Insights for each state are provided in separate concise publications, or snapshots.

This subscription aims to support businesses with:

  • tracking the supply/demand balance of energy efficiency certificates,
  • competitor analysis,
  • calculating agent creations, and
  • determining creation levels by activity.

The snapshots aims to inform effective business planning, and provide excellent value at a reasonable price. 

An annual subscription to either VEEC or ESC Snapshot is $1,250 (plus GST).

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Snapshot overview

ESC Snapshot

ESC Snapshot


• Energy efficiency policy update
• ESC creation figures by creator and activity
• Supply and demand analysis
• ESC pricing
• Certificate forfeits
• Certificate ownership

VEEC Snapshot

VEEC Snapshot

SEE MORE,,,,,,

• Energy efficiency policy update
• VEEC creation figures
• Supply and demand analysis
• VEEC pricing
• Certificate ownership
• Regulator processing times

Request a sample

request a sample

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