How many STCs were created last month and who created them?
What is the commercial market growth and what are the trends in system size?
What is the installed capacity in each state?

Our Solar Report provides the answers and more...

Solar Report subscribers receive:

  • quarterly Solar Reports which synthesise market, policy and regulatory developments impacting on the supply and demand for STCs. We forecast STC supply and demand out to 2030, with modelling based on a detailed and up-to-the-minute examination of policies and regulations impacting on the industry, recent market announcements.
  • monthly Solar Snapshots which summarise market activity through the use of effectual graphs and charts, and summarise topical policy and regulatory developments. The Solar Snapshot delivers facts and figures on the market in an easy-to-read and digestible format.
  • monthly Deemed Reports, a register of the top 20 STC creators and STC creation data for year-to-date.
  • access to our friendly analysts to discuss report content

Subscription to our Solar Report will help your business stay well abreast of changes in Australia's small-scale renewable energy market, and will provide you with the information you need to manage price risk and maintain a competitive edge.

An annual subscription to Solar Report is $2500 plus GST.  

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Subscription includes:

Quarterly Solar Report

Quarterly Solar Report

• Analysis of all small-scale system installations and capacities
• STC  supply and demand for small-scale systems
• STC pricing
• Analysis of activity in the Clearing House

Monthly Solar Snapshot

Monthly Solar Snapshot

• Summary of the market activity, including pricing, top creators and new entrants
• Analysis on residential vs commercial installed capacity as well breakdown of system size by state
• Highlights key policy and regulatory developments
• Pricing movement

Monthly Deemed Report

Monthly Deemed Report

Deemed Report at the start of each month, which includes the top 20 STC creators and STC creation data for year-to-date.

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